Ari Schindler

Select Deck for Reading

Aquatic TarotAquatic Tarot
The Aquatic Tarot is a modern watercolor interpretation of the classic Rider Waite symbolism. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular decks, due to both its spectacular beauty and its traditional imagery.
Ator TarotAtor Tarot
The Ator Tarot is a smart and whimsical spin on Rider Waite symbolism. The clunky and adorable characters of the Ator Tarot make it the deck of choice for those seeking a refreshing approach to divination.
Benedetti TarotBenedetti Tarot
The Benedetti Tarot is a highly stylized deck painted on gold leaf. 7 years in the making, the images were inspired by the Visconti Tarot, the earliest Tarot deck still in existence. The Benedetti Tarot is the favorite deck of those who seek simplicity and elegance in their lives.
Curious TarotCurious Tarot
The Curious Tarot is the rarest and most unusual of modern decks. The cards form a surreal collage of American consumer imagery, eerily capturing the archetypes of the atomic age. It is the deck of those who seek to harness the ancient tribal energy that courses through the modern urban world.
Golden TarotGolden Tarot
The Golden Tarot is a modern celebration of late medieval artwork. This deck is the choice of scholars, for it evokes images of elegance amid barbarism, and the light of virtue in dark times.
Marseille TarotMarseille Tarot
The Tarot of Marseille is an 18th century creation of obscure origins. It predates the occult symbolism of the Rider Waite deck by roughly 200 years, giving the readings a unique and rustic flavor. Many swear by this deck as the true oracle of the common man.
Minchiate TarotMinchiate Tarot
The images of the Minchiate Tarot are drawn from a rare surviving 18th century deck of 97 cards - 19 more than the traditional Tarot deck. It is considered by many to be the single most powerful divination tool available, providing deep insight, rich in ancient symbolism, to any question you may pose.
Phoenix TarotPhoenix Tarot
The Phoenix Tarot is one of the most strikingly beautiful decks of the 20th century. Through vibrant colors and stylized images, it breathes new life into the familiar symbology of the Tarot.
Rider Waite TarotRider Waite Tarot
The Rider Waite Tarot is the most widely recognized Tarot deck, and the first deck published in the 20th century. It was created by members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and is especially suited to questions of a mystical nature.
Voodoo TarotVoodoo Tarot
The Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans is a deck rich in primal spirituality. It draws on images from the religion Santeria, which weaves Catholic and African beliefs into a vibrant tapestry. This exceptional deck is most often used to ask questions regarding the joy, fury, and spirituality in everyday life.

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